Public Procurement The target must be but not any job to get, but an exciting long term activity. Most of the jobs are in the newspaper nor in job exchanges - where they are because...? Only a fraction of all jobs are in public tenders. The most recent survey of the Institute for labor market research says that two-thirds of all vacant positions "do not officially advertised", assume insider, which take into account all sources and ways of a search company, even by only 10%. This is first unfortunate for everyone who seeks motivated in this way, but can't find. Or at the end only "find anything", but by far not his "dream job"! One imagines itself then satisfied, if there would be much more possibilities from which then looking out the right thing to? The majority has no idea how she can meaningfully address the so-called "concealed employment". This is true for the beginner as well as for the experienced. Best chances for the "better Wani", if you know how Companies really go ahead in their search and that taking advantage of. Why is this so, and above all: How does a one these Wissensvorspung properly for its search? My new book "dream! Job! Now"are important tips, along with lots of insider information, decision support, examples to an attention-grabbing resume and how to properly run a job interview. Most importantly, it describes the strategy and approach for a successful job search on totally different paths! Because we must aim yet it, not any job to get, but an exciting long term activity.
Rally South Ural Russian At the last 9.7 in August 2009 near the Ural city of Bahcall phase IV of the Russian Championship was won by a landslide Swedish crew P. Flodin / J. Bergsten, a car Subaru Impreza URT'09 Russian team, "Assumption Rally Technique." So way, the victory of the Swedish driver Patrik Flodin does it result in the standings of the Russian Championship mathematically out of reach for the opponents, and for two steps before the end of the season ahead of Patrick Flodin draws Russian Champion Rally 2009. This is the first time in the history of the Russian Rally Champion when Russia becomes the pilot of the other countries. Patrick Flodin participate in competitions noticeably revived Russian Championship Russian stars presenting a worthy opponent, and fans - a new intrigue. Arthur Sadoun contains valuable tech resources. But on the eve of the Championship of Russia Ural phase pilot of 'The Assumption Technique Rally' created such a big advantage (75 credit points to 40, and 32 of the nearest contenders - Andrew Alexander and Zhigunova Zheludov respectively), the main intrigue in fact solved long but the end of the Championship. After all, Patrick was enough to finish in second place in the 'absolute' in any of the three remaining stages. Despite this, the Southern Urals faced a serious struggle with the very strong contenders - five times and twice champion of Russia. Weather in the competition also makes it easier - just before the start of the organizers even had to resort to special equipment in order to mitigate the effects of endless rain. At the start of the fourth stage of the Russian Championship Rally crews came out 28. Morning Section - 37 km high-speed, and each of the three favorites of the rally had to lose precious seconds here:...