Work Abroad Despite the slowdown in August, due to the ongoing summer holiday season, employers continue to actively seek employees for their companies. This is evidenced by an increase of 28% filed in August vacancies on the portal Jobs4jobs.com compared with July. During the first decade of August proportion cast on our portal vacancies in the U.S. amounted to 43.8%, India 23.4% Philippines 8.6%, China 4.0%, uk 2.7%, in Malaysia, 2 1% Canada 1.4%, Hong Kong, 1%, in other countries 13%. These figures make it possible to believe that in these countries there is a shortage in qualified workforce, primarily in information technology. Also, we can conclude that after global financial crisis the economy of these countries recover more quickly. With the advent of the financial crisis, demand for work abroad has increased dramatically, due to the fact that the domestic labor market of vacancies decreased, wages also declined because of falling national currency against the dollar. To date, the demand for work abroad is still at a fairly high level and continues to steadily increase, this is partly contributes to the growth and jobs abroad, which is observed since late last year. Working abroad is still the main source of income for many of our countrymen, and not more than 5% independently employed legally. Only 15-20% of those who go to work abroad, like to stay there forever. For many people work abroad is only temporary earnings. Approximately 25% of the population of the former Soviet Union are ready to leave to work abroad.
Verifiability Truth Some might argue that there is the case of the Earth would be logical to also be given in other parts of the universe, others refuse. The verifiability of the statements is technically impossible, as discussed above. Finally, the accuracy is not entirely symbolic good because it uses many concepts, which have not been clear in other sciences and already taken for granted (for example, accept the fact that other planetary systems may form similar to ours , which is something that is currently being studied in astronomy, to fully assumed by evolution, say that man is not the only rational being, etc.).. So, you see a low degree of certainty. Some would describe the development of this formula as a pseudo-scientific arguments. Others as an "interesting proposal" or a mere probability, statistical or mathematical game. There are other ways that allow pseudo-science, and faster. This is the For the theory to prove itself, takes elements from outside the field of study. For example, the theory that biological evolution in which God has intervened directly in the less enlightened passages it is clearly pseudo-scientific or a case of false theology. First, it is well accepted that Popper offers attitude towards science. The knowledge which is up to the truth, which never reaches but tends to it (falsifiability). Therein lies the importance of seeking to refute a theory experiments, in order to make another closer to the truth. Keep in mind that if all our life we were immersed in an error, never reach the truth, not even we would get closer to it.